Why is trust important for effective team working?

The Team Trust Indicator (TTI) enables a team to achieve high performance levels by increasing trust and a sense of belonging within the team.

The Team Trust Indicator (TTI) provides teams with a tool to measure and manage levels of trust within the team, leading to improved communication, co-operation and commitment. Trust is also an essential basis for a sense of inclusion! Using the TTI facilitated process, your team can identify trust building behaviours that are particularly needed and relevant for the team. If you  would like to use the TTI to work with teams and organisations you can become certified and gain access to all the materials you will need, and guidance on how to manage and facilitate the process.

Why is trust important for effective teams?


Research shows that building higher levels of trust is the most cost effective way to boost team performance within an organisation. For example, extensive research by Google found that the most important factor contributing to a team’s effectiveness was TRUST.  Intra-team trust can often be a particular problem when there are cultural, professional and/or hierarchical differences between team members. As a result organisations which foster trust within their teams, have stronger employee engagement, deal with conflicts more constructively, prioritise innovation and are better at profit growth and achieving results. In the post-pandemic world virtual working has become the norm for many people, but trust is more difficult to build and maintain when working separately and at a distance. 

What is the Team Trust Indicator?

The TTI is an online questionnaire, feedback report and facilitated team process that enables a team or work group to identify and manage dynamics within the team that are restricting and blocking high performance and productivity. It measures levels of trust within the team against 9 important trust criteria – the criteria that people use to decide whether to trust or not. It provides a structured approach to identify and manage the trust gaps between what team members feel they need from each other and what they sense they are actually experiencing. The tool then provides a step-by-step process for exploring and resolving these trust deficits.

Key Features of TTI

* WorldWork offers an advice and administration service to support delivery of the TTI for particular projects.

“The most valuable feature of the Team Trust Indicator is its capacity to put figures on team trust and to quantify some qualitative human perceptions. The outcomes are meaningful, easy to understand and form the thread of how the team works.”

Christophe Capitant (Director Design Assessment Department) Bureau Veritas, Paris

How can I Access the Team Trust Indicator?

If you would like to become a certified TTI consultant please complete the Registration Form here and we will contact you with details of how and when you can complete the certification programme.  Once you are certified you will have  access to WorldWork’s online platform from where you can manage all aspects of a TTI project.

If you are already certified to use the Team Trust Indicator, please contact WorldWork to buy the units you will need for your project.  The necessary credits will be put into your online account and you will be invoiced accordingly.  We also offer support and an administration service to help you set up and deliver the project.

If you would like a certified TTI Consultant to run a facilitated workshop for your team click the button below and complete the form and we will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

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