Internships at WorldWork

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” – Albert Einstein.

At WorldWork we could not agree more with Einstein’s quote, which is one of the reasons why our tagline is “Learning for Global Success”. We very firmly believe that learning should be a vital, continuous process and the only means to successful growth and development both on an individual and organisational level. 

In the promotion of this ethos we therefore regularly run internship programmes and welcome students from different parts of the world who always manage to contribute so well to the team effort. 

Would you like to do an internship at WorldWork?

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Meet our former interns:


John Sarkis

Degree: B.A. Information Science; Minor: International Business, SUNY Oswego Contact: Jsarkis@oswego....


Nicolas Buxton

Degree: Studying French and Spanish, The University of Edinburgh ...


Nora Shine

Degree: B.A. Managerial Economics; Minor: Technology Management, UC Davis ...


Sarah Braus

Degree: B.A. European Studies, University of Passau Contact: sarahbraus20@gmail....


Sandra Glowania

Degree: MA Intercultural Management, Cologne Business School Contact: sandra.glowania@gmail....


Robin Lis

Degree: B.A. Marketing & Supply Chain, University of Pittsburgh Contact: rml50@pitt....


Luis Buxton

Degree: B.A. Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Durham Contact:


Kyle White

Degree: B.A. Business Administration Marketing, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Contact: kylewhite@umass....


Carly Rocklein

Degree: B.A. Global Studies, University of Minnesota Contact: carly.roecklein@gmail....