The International Profiler is a strategically designed tool that helps people adapt to working in a global environment. It has been meticulously crafted to enable people to breach the cultural wall that so often hinders success when conducting business on an international or global level.

People who complete the International Profiler (TIP™) process will become more self aware and will be able to adopt behavioural strategies appropriate for the particular intercultural context that they are currently working in – or that they will be working in. It is a personal development process, based on a self assessment psychometric questionnaire resulting in a detailed personal feedback report. The process also includes an individual feedback and coaching session leading to a Personal Development Plan as an output.

A Pioneer in its field

(TIP™) is a well-established tool that was a pioneer in the field of personal development for working effectively in unfamiliar cultural environments. Since its inception we have continually upgraded the product to include different norm bases and languages. Also, we have now developed and validated a new shorter questionnaire based on an analysis of data in our database.

The use of (TIP™) continues to grow and it is now used in a wide range of industries and intercultural contexts. As an agile tool, it has recently been updated to more effectively support people working in a VUCA world.

See what students say about how they think education can help prepare them for the globalised world. Also, see why employers value intercultural skills.

How does it work?

The (TIP™) process is based on 10 competencies and 22 behavioural dimensions. We have selected these on the basis of extensive academic research and also the practical experience of leaders and executives who have experience of working in unfamiliar cultural contexts.

The questionnaire and feedback reports are available in Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish. We have also developed a special online Wiki which provides an abundance of development suggestions for each of these 22 dimensions, some of which relate to specific national contexts.

The product is supported by an international network of over 320 coaches, consultants and trainers, who are licensed by WorldWork to deliver feedbacks and coaching using the (TIP™) process.

Find out about becoming certified to use TIP here.

Key Features

* WorldWork offer administration service to support delivery of tools for projects. [A certified consultant is required for the management and facilitation of the TIP.  Learn how you can become certified to use TIP.]

“What brings success is the ability to be more international in outlook. You can’t change what you are but you can start to think differently and be more aware of yourself…TIP…shows you the choices you might make to make a success of your role.”

Karen Donley, HR Director, MBDA

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