Extending leadership skills into the global context

The Global Leadership Accelerator (GLA) helps managers and leaders to boost the skills they need to work successfully in an international and multicultural context.

The Global Leadership Accelerator (GLA) will help a manger or leader build on their existing experience in order to  extend existing competences and develop new skills and approaches for leading in a multicultural context.  So it will be helpful in contexts where job success depends on personal interactions with people from diverse country and cultural backgrounds.  For example, work colleagues in a multicultural organisation or with customers, suppliers of other stakeholders based in different parts of the world.

What makes the Global Leadership Accelerator different?

The GLA measures 8 key qualities and 2 summary styles that are essential components of successful international leadership.  The importance of these qualities is recognised by research into global leadership. It is also supported by WorldWork’s own analysis of the data resulting from the over 16,000 executives who have completed the International Profiler.  Based on this analysis the GLA process encourages participants to reflect on their own experiences in the context of these key global leadership qualities.  By doing so they can learn to use existing strengths more extensively and develop new approaches to their diverse interactions.  Importantly, the GLA  process can be used by an individual on their own or with the support of a coach to help pull out development themes. 

The 8 competencies and 2 styles that support effective global leadership.
Supporting Effective Global Leadership

How does the Global Leadership Effectiveness product work?

The GLA is made up of a self-report questionnaire and a personal feedback report. The questionnaire is in the same format as that used in the IPI and TIP which provides a rich data set on which the personal feedback report is based.  The data for each of the dimensions is normed and the resulting scores, together with definitions of each of the dimensions, included in the report.  Also in the report are some coaching questions around the high and low scores. The respondent is encouraged to use these in order to reflect on their own experiences and identify development themes.  By way of illustration, a sample report can be downloaded from the link on this page.

Key Features

How can I access the Global Leadership Accelerator?

If you would like to become a certified GLA consultant please complete the Registration Form here and we will contact you with details of how and when you can complete the certification programme.  Please note that if you are already certified to use the International Profiler (TIP) you can use the GLA without further certification. Once you are certified you will have access to WorldWork’s online platform from where you can manage all aspects of the GLA.

If you are already certified to use the GLA, please contact WorldWork to buy the units you will need for your project.  The necessary credits will be put into your online account and you will be invoiced accordingly.  We also offer support and an administration service to help you set up and deliver the project.

If you would like a certified consultant to use the GLA process with some people in your organisation click the button below and complete the form and we will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

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