The premium toolkit for supporting cross-cultural diversity​

Here is an overview of our high performance learning and development solutions

Our products have been specifically created to help manage the complexities and challenges that come with working in diverse and unfamiliar situations. They help you to build the critical soft skills which are required for achieving global success in any business.

Psychometrics Tools


The International Profiler (TIP)

The International Profiler (TIP) is:
1. Online questionnaire and 2. A feedback process
Available in English, German, Italian, Polish, French, Chinese and Spanish, it is a powerful diagnostic product that has been developed to help managers and professionals reflect in-depth on their style, strengths and approach when working in cross-cultural settings, whether at home or abroad. Use TIP to increase intercultural awareness, especially effective in a coaching environment.


International Preferences Indicator (IPI)

The International Preferences Indicator (IPI) helps people identify ways in which they can become more effective when working internationally. It consists of an online questionnaire and personal feedback report, and promotes personal development through self -reflection and peer support in the context of a workshop or training-room environment. The IPI comes into its own as part of a workshop intervention, which can help raise and improve self awareness through engaging with others.


Team Trust Indicator (TTI)

The International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) is an on-line tool that measures lev­els of trust among team members against 9 important trust indicators. It provides a structured approach for identifying and managing precise areas where there is a trust gap between what team members feel they need and what they feel they receive from other group members. The aim of ITTI is to give the team a step-by-step process for exploring and resolving these trust gaps to then improve team performance.


Next Level Leadership (NLL)

The Next Level Leadership (NLL) is a leadership development process based on observer feedback. It improves the effectiveness of any leader by focusing on building and maintaining trust in the leader. It uses a fresh and innovative approach that is practical, theoretically sound and highly focused for each individual leader. By using the NLL process leaders can appreciate more accurately the specific trust-building behaviours that he/she needs to adopt in order to be trusted by the people they work with.

Blended Learning Workshop

International Negotiation Skills (INS)

WorldWork’s negotiation skills training programme seeks to combine negotiation techniques with different areas of personal development and cultural intelligence in interactive blended learning solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of different types of negotiators. The programme is also available as a certification for business skills trainers and intercultural practitioners. 


Harnessing Cultural Synergy (HCS)

HCS is a blended learning programme for maximising global success, designed by WorldWork and Expert Humans. The programme will enable the participants to strengthen team relationships across cultures for maximum business effectiveness, develop international competences and enhance the ability to work effectively in different environments, and explore the dynamics and challenges of leading in global roles.

Effective International Influencing (EII)

Designed for English language trainers and intercultural practitioners, the EII programme focuses on measuring and developing international influencing competences. For greater impact, the programme's 4S framework has been designed around WorldWork's International Preferences Indicator (IPI) psychometric in its backbone.

Training Materials

Managing Multicultural Teams (MMT)

Managing Multicultural Teams (MMT) is an online learning experience which offers users an approach to managing cultural diversity and distance for international project teams. Using a dynamic video story of a multicultural team to illustrate issues in project teams it focuses on cultural sensitivity, distance management and the personal or ‘soft’ skills needed to succeed. Cultural models and concepts are brought to life through high quality animation films within the programme.

A World of Difference (WoD)

A World of Difference (WoD) is a 35-minute film that explores the challenges of international team leadership and team working through both face-to-face and remote communication amongst team members. It clearly illustrates how business counterparts from other cultures can have differing approaches and attitudes to basic business variables, including time, planning, communication style, team leadership, trust and relationship building. The training programme and film ensure a sound basis for experienced and inexperienced international professionals to understand how to manage these challenges and complexities to create effective international teams. Ideal in workshops, training rooms of or included in the company library under the topic of diversity or cross-cultural leadership.

The Case for Global Leadership: the Kai Bendix story (Kai Bendix)

The Case for Global Leadership: the Kai Bendix story (Kai Bendix) looks at how to address the leadership challenges that arise when the subject is expatriated in an unfamiliar cultural context, and leading a project team consisting of local nationals.
What makes this case study different is that it is driven by a documentary drama that tells a real story through the mouths of real people. It is the story of Kai Bendix,
General Manager of Nivea Beiersdorf in India, who faces three challenges to his leadership, six months after the set-up of the company in Mumbai. Use this product in leadership development programmes, especially where the focus is on influencing and maintaining authenticity when working across cultures.

The Ling He Simulation (LingHe)

The Simulation challenges users to introduce an innovation in the Ling He Company (LHC). Participants learn how to manage change in the context of a Chinese company manufacturing telephone switching equipment. Users can choose among many different initiatives to meet their goals. In some cases, they may gather information in other cases, they may take direct action to try to convince or influence others to adopt their proposed innovation. Each time they implement an initiative, they will receive feedback about the impact of the decision immediately. The objective is to get as many adopters as possible in the shortest time. The simulation is ideal for the academic environment.