A World of Difference (WOD)

Managing an international team is unlike leading a group of similar people, and the overwhelming factor is difference in culture.

People from different cultures have different approaches to basic business variables such as time, planning, communication style, team leadership, trust and relationship building. A one size fits all approach to leading a multinational team is a recipe for disaster, and can lead to detrimental inefficiencies.
A World of Difference clearly portrays the realistic challenges of leading such a team, and how to overcome them in order to create a well-oiled machine that was previously merely a group of strangers. The product is highly educational from start to end, addressing relevant problems and proven solutions that arise in these scenarios. Leaders will be able to more effectively run their teams after watching the video and completing the supplementary activities.

Key Features

“One of the many strengths of the video is that it does not confine itself to working situations but also shows some of the stark cultural differences that also emerge in social settings. This excellent package clearly demonstrates the perils of ignoring differences.”

Dr Peter Honey

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