Get fit for global working
The nature of today’s world of work is intercultural. WorldWork provides solutions that develop your intercultural skills and enables you to build trust and break down social barriers.
Develop an inclusive mindset
International management can be demanding. WorldWork provides solutions that build an inclusive organisational culture and help you deliver global success.
Drive success across boundaries
The first step is self-awareness. WorldWork provides solutions that develop the key competencies required to drive optimal performance in a global, diverse organisation.
Maximise your global potential
International businesses have their own particular challenges. WorldWork provides solutions that develop the critical global leadership skills required to successfully navigate them.
Build trust in a virtual team
Trust is the nucleus that binds the team together. WorldWork provides solutions that help you to measure, monitor and develop trust with and within a global virtual team.
Enhance your ability to work with people from different cultures
Success in many jobs in the post-pandemic era requires an ability to work virtually with people from many parts of the world

WorldWork creates tailor-made learning solutions that help leaders, teams and organisations to succeed in the global workplace.

We create and deliver a range of training and development solutions that boost intercultural, interpersonal and leadership skills. These include digital, virtual live, face to face and blended programmes, video based learning materials, game based learning and simulations. We also produce and distribute psychometrics and 360 tools for global leaders.

Our solutions are designed to raise self-awareness, encourage trust building behaviours, develop an inclusive mindset and increase understanding of intercultural communication in order to enhance positive and effective business relationships – particularly when working in an international, diverse and virtual environment.

All our products and services are rooted in research and scientific evidence. This includes our solutions which are designed and delivered with the real art and science of learning in mind.

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We work with a global network of the world’s best trainers, coaches and consultants, including our own Certified Consultants (TIP, IPI, TTI), to deliver impactful and memorable learning solutions to our clients. 

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