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WorldWork creates intercultural training and development solutions that build trust and help leaders, teams and organisations to succeed in the global marketplace.

We create and deliver a range of intercultural training and development solutions. These include e-learning courses, video based learning materials, game based learning and simulations. In addition we produce and distribute a number of psychometrics and a 360 process for global leaders. All our products and services are designed to raise self-awareness, encourage trust building behaviours, and increase understanding of cross-cultural communication in order to enhance positive and effective business relationships – particularly when working with people from different and unfamiliar cultures and backgrounds.

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Intercultural training and development solutions

We offer our products and services directly for use in training, coaching and organisational development contexts. Alternatively we can provide tailored packages to meet particular business situations. The packages will include appropriate WorldWork products and an experienced and certified person to deliver the programme. We support an international network of more than 160 certified consultants.

Support for intercultural training and development

As well as supplying direct training and development solutions, WorldWork also offers a range of services for in-house and independent coaches, trainers and consultants working in the intercultural and related fields. We will customise existing products and processes, or create new ones to meet your particular needs, or the requirements of your clients. If you are involved in the intercultural or related fields we can support you by providing access to our learning platform (LMS) for your own learning courses and for the creation of temporary online learning communities.

Since WorldWork was founded in 2002, we have provided products and services to a wide range of organisations both large and small. Our mission is to break down barriers between diverse people. We are WorldWork.


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