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This new 360 product will provide leaders, including global leaders, with feedback about their leadership style and how well their current style matches the needs of the particular group of people they lead.

Key features of the product are:

  • It is based on research about the importance of a leader being seen as ‘trusted’ by the people he or she leads. This aspect of leadership is closely and positively related to engagement, innovation, readiness to accept change, open communication, and overall team effectiveness.
  • It measures the extent to which a leader is seen as trusted against 10, culturally inclusive criteria, by the people he or she leads. It raises the leader’s self-awareness and enables him/her to monitor and manage these perceptions through good times and bad.
  • It also measures the relative importance of the 10 criteria of a trusted leader as experienced by the people he/she leads and so identifies the gap between what they want and what they are actually experiencing from the leader. For example, different culturally based observer groups may place different emphasis on each of the criteria.
  • This 360-degree personal development process is designed to provide the leader with feedback on the behaviours that lead those around them at work to regard them as ‘trusted’.
  • It provides a flexible way of collecting information from a range of observer groups (e.g. different national groups, functional groups or traditional 360 observer groups).

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