Trust in Japanese Culture

In this episode, Seiji Nakano speaks with Kawatani Takashi about trust in Japanese culture. Listen to learn about how building trust in Japan differs from the rest of the world, […]

Effective International Influencing – PART 2

This is part 2 of effective international conversation with Bob Dignen and Richard Lowe. Listen for insights on the challenges of influencing, common mistake, resistance to influencing, as well as […]

Effective International Influencing – PART 1

In this episode, Seiji & Gabriela are speaking with Bob Dignen (Director of York Associates) and Richard Lowe (Managing Director of WorldWork). They are addressing the topic of effective international […]

Emotional Changes After Relocation

What happens to our confidence, self-worth and mindset when we move? In this episode, Angelic Ingram, Mindfulness Coach for Expats, chats with Seiji & Gabriela about the emotional changes her clients […]

Negotiating Across Cultures

We all negotiate something every day. However, cultural differences can influence business negotiations in significant and unexpected ways. That’s why it is vital that we become more aware of the […]