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world solutions – episode 3

Posted on 11/3/2019 by Seiji Nakano

Welcome back to the third part of our blog series.In our second blog, we left you with the steps you can take to become an interculturally mature person....

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world solutions – episode 2

Posted on 30/11/2018 by Seiji Nakano

Welcome back! In our first blog, we talked about our personal motivations to work in the intercultural field.Current political, economic and media output from around the world show ...

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8 reasons why you should be using The International Profiler (TIP®)

Posted on 18/4/2018 by Seiji Nakano

When you originally heard about The International Profiler (TIP®) there must have been something about the tool that captured your interest and imagination... ...

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Trustworthiness or Competence – which is more important in business

Posted on 20/1/2016 by Richard Lowe

Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy says, in her new book Presence, that the two parameters we automatically measure upon meeting someone for the first time are competence and trustworthiness - ...

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