How are we preparing our leaders for a dynamic global business environment?

There are different ways that organisations prepare their leaders for international roles, but many have an inadequate approach to building the intercultural skills required. Learning about the specific cultures that a leader is likely to encounter will be valuable; but raising their self-awareness and coaching them to develop personal strategies for leading in any unfamiliar cultural context will better enhance their agility and effectiveness as a leader.

WorldWork has developed the ‘International Competency Framework’ as a basis for building personal effectiveness in multicultural business environments. We offer leadership programmes and tools to develop the intercultural skills that leaders need. Depending on individual requirements such programmes can include:


Are our people ready to work in an international context?

Few organisations of any size can afford to operate in a purely domestic context. Suppliers, customers and professional advisers come from many different parts of the world. Business units have to report to HQs in other countries. Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures result in people working closely together with new business partners from different cultural backgrounds. These intercultural connections add richness and variety to people’s working life, but can also lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and mistakes especially in the early days.

WorldWork offers programmes and tools to help build multicultural competence and an international mindset throughout your organisation. Depending on individual requirements such programmes can include:


Are our diverse teams performing at a high level?

WorldWork offers programmes to enhance the performance of multicultural teams, often by focusing on trust levels within the team. Research suggests that building higher levels of trust is the most cost-effective way to boost team performance within an organisation. Those organisations that focus on fostering trust within their teams, have stronger employee engagement, deal with conflicts more constructively, prioritise innovation, are more agile and are better at profit growth and achieving results.

Depending on individual requirements WorldWork programmes can include:


Are we supporting our people when they relocate to other countries?

For over half a century, large corporations and organisations have been continuously nudged down the road to globalisation, firstly through long-term expatriation of senior staff (at enormous cost), then through determined strategies of localisation of management, and over the last two decades through the use of technological solutions. All three approaches have their strengths and their weaknesses; but they all share one crucial factor — a high risk of failure.

Using our international network of coaches, WorldWork offers support to individual executives who are relocating to another country. Depending on individual requirements WorldWork programmes can include: