We are committed to supporting your development of effective international negotiation skills 

by offering flexible, blended learning solutions to suit your specific needs.

Everything in life is a negotiation.

However, the acquisition of truly effective negotiation skills is challenging. The negotiating parties will require a degree of mindfulness, self-awareness, numeracy, curiosity, creativity and excellent communication skills. They will also have stamina, determination and, most importantly, a developed and acceptable BATNA – a Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.

In addition, the ability to operate in the international negotiation field requires cultural intelligence, flexibility and the ability to apply it judiciously and effectively according to a specific situation at hand.

WorldWork’s negotiation skills training programme seeks to combine the above areas of personal development in interactive blended learning solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of different types of negotiators.


This versatile training programme will benefit:

New business negotiators
Seek to develop a solid negotiation skillset to agree new business in international markets.

Experienced business negotiators
Seek to build on the existing experience and enhance negotiation skills in culturally diverse environments.

Directors of Human Resources or Learning & Development functions
Look for a flexible learning solution to improve cross-cultural negotiating skills amongst new managers and procurement and business development departments

Academic lecturers
Look for additional materials to diversify their curricula (e.g. MBAs and similar programmes) and provide students with practical business skills.

Individual high-performance and business professionals
Want to improve everyday negotiation skills when operating in an intercultural environment.

Intercultural practitioners and trainers
Want to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in conducting and teaching international negotiations. Look for customisable materials to incorporate into their existing training programmes.


At WorldWork, we define Negotiation as “the process of reaching durable agreements on complex issues between two or more parties.” These issues may be related to commercial business negotiations or every-day negotiations which we all do with our colleagues and clients. IDEAL can be taken to mean “perfectly suited” to the situation at hand. The framework has been broken down into five digital modules accessible via WorldWork’s Learn&Connect platform. Starting with Inner Purpose, the learner can go clockwise around the framework or will be able to move from one stage to another as preferred. Virtual group sessions will follow the clockwise route.

The Learner Journey

The learner journey is represented in the following stages:

  • Self-paced learning accessible via our Learn & Connect digital learning platform
    • Consisting of 5 x modules for each phase of IDEAL
    • It will take approximately 5 hours to complete this first stage
    • The enrolment will be open from January 2022
    • Cost: £200 per learner
  • An optional one-to-one session of 1-hour, tailored to your individual needs
    • This can be used, for example, to discuss the content in more detail, to practise some of the activities and role plays, or to consult us on how to incorporate the content into your own training, etc.
    • Cost: £200 per learner
  • An optional group session of 2-hour, in small groups of 6-10 people
    • We will have an ongoing enrolment and deliver the session once a group of a minimum of 6 people assembles (date to be confirmed)
    • This session will be interactive, bringing to life the digital content and helping learners to practise their newly acquired knowledge and skills
    • Cost: £90 per learner

The groups will be deliberately kept small (max. 10 people) which means that everyone will receive individual feedback and a chance to have all their questions answered. Both groups and individual sessions include the active practice of the skills through role-play, interactive group activities and expert feedback. However, you can also decide what exactly you would like to use your one-to-one session for. 


Get ready to deliver international negotiation skills training to your clients.

  • Independent, self-paced learning journey delivered via 5 digital modules
  • Opportunities for individual feedback during optional live sessions.
  • A proven method for raising self-awareness and awareness of others, which are key in gaining confidence when going into negotiations.
  • Full access to negotiating across cultures blended model, which you can replicate and adapt for your clients.
  • Customisable training materials, session plans, PowerPoints, case studies and activity sheets.
  • Tailored individual support in adapting and integrating the materials into your current training offers.



Standard package includes:

  • Self-paced learning (digital modules only) – £200 per learner
  • Optional individual training session (1h) – £200 per learner
  • Optional virtual group sessions* (2h) – £90 per learner


*There is an ongoing enrolment system. The group session will be schedules we have a minimum of 6 learners registered. 

In addition, you can request on-demand consultation sessions: £150/hr.


Enable your people to master the art of international negotiations and achieve success.

We offer a flexible, tailored learning solution that builds on existing experiences and enhances cross-cultural negotiation skills amongst managers, procurement and business development departments.

Discover how we can customise this high-quality programme to the specific needs of your organisation.

  • Equip your people with a good understanding of international negotiation principles and practices.
  • Challenge them to develop greater cultural self-awareness in their negotiations.
  • Let them gain a deeper understanding of the business cultures around the world.
  • Help them improve their ability to communicate with clarity and persuasiveness, and negotiate with sensitivity across cultural boundaries.


Fees will be agreed upon following a diagnosis of your organisational needs.

What’s included:

  • Digital-only or blended learning format
  • 5 digital modules
  • 6 live sessions in mall groups of up to 10 people
  • 12 hours of active, virtual group learning and a minimum of 5 hours of self-paced digital learning
  • Access to the International Preferences Indicator (IPI) questionnaire and feedback report
  • Discounts available on volume

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In the current competitive marketplace, effective negotiation skills are more important than ever. These skills will ensure that we get the best price, the right decision or avoid conflict.

We all negotiate something every day. It is vital that we become more aware of the impact we have on others as well as understanding what drives our counterparts’ opinion and position.

With WorldWork’s access to highly experienced negotiation trainers from different parts of the world and a specialist blended learning design team, we are well-positioned to help you become an effective negotiator.

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