The Ling He Simulation (LingHe)

Managing an international team is unlike leading a group of similar people, and the overwhelming factor is difference in culture.

Simulations are a great way for executives to learn new skills and gain an understanding of different ways of working. The Ling He simulation has been developed by Albert A. Angehrn, INSEAD Professor of Information Technology and Director of the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies (CALT).

The context for this simulation is managing change in a Chinese company manufacturing telephone switching equipment. The simulation translates the extensive academic knowledge of Chinese business culture into a practical, hands on learning experience, where new-comers and old hands alike can make mistakes without expensive consequences! The focus of the simulation is on managing change in a Western/Chinese context but the process is designed to build awareness and skills in managing the factors in any cross-border change process.

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WorldWork has negotiated the rights to distribute Ling He through it’s network of licensed consultants, so If you would like to use it please contact WorldWork.

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