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Use Team Trust Workshops to build productivity


Build innovation and productivity using Team Trust Workshops.

WorldWork provides Team Trust Workshops to fit into different situations and organisational contexts.  The workshops will empower teams to monitor and manage trust issues and so to build engagement, innovation and productivity. The Team Trust Workshops can be for half a day or a full day and can be stand alone or integrated into a broader agenda such as team building or team coaching. They are based around the output from the Team Trust Indicator (TTI). There are different workshop processes – one for leaders who have responsibility for managing direct reports, and one for other executives.

What is included in the Workshop Packages?

All of the workshop packages include:

  1. A specially trained and experienced facilitator to run the workshops. The facilitator will have a one-to-one session with the team leader or manager and then provide a facilitated session based on the TTI results for the team or workgroup
  2. Team questionnaires as required – one for each team member
  3. A full team report based on the completion of the TTI questionnaires by team members, giving detailed analysis of the numerical and text data from the questionnaire responses in an anonymous format
  4. Assistance and support in preparing the team leader and team members for the workshop
  5. For convenience, the above workshops are delivered from your premises at an agreed date and time. If you would prefer to deliver off-site please contact us for additional preferential room rates in central London.

What is the Output from a Team Trust Workshop?

The TTI report will identify 5 areas where the trust needs of group members are being met and 5 areas where there are potentially important trust deficits.  Using, in addition, the answers from the open text questions, the facilitator will help the team to work through these areas and understand exactly what they relate to in the context of the team or workgroup.  Team members will develop an understanding of the 9 ‘Trust Criteria’ – the criteria that people use to decide whether to take the risks involved in trusting others. The team as a whole and individual members will work on developing concrete action plans to enhance specific trust-building behaviours that are appropriate for the team.

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