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The Team Trust Indicator (TTI) explores how a team can reach higher performance levels by managing and increasing the trust factor among its team members.

There is plenty of evidence that if you can build trust in your teams, they will become more effective in a number of ways, such as being more open to change, more innovative, more empowering and more likely to achieve their objectives.

The Team Trust Indicator (TTI) is an online questionnaire and feedback report that measures levels of trust within the team using 9 important trust indicators. The process provides the basis for a powerful facilitated intervention as part of a team coaching programme. The aim is to provide a structured approach to identifying and managing the ‘trust gaps’ between the behaviours that team members feel they need in order to trust, and the behaviours they actually experience from other team members. The tool then gives the team a step-by-step process for exploring and resolving these trust gaps.

The TTI is designed for all teams that have worked together for at least a short time and is also well suited to remote or virtual teams where the level of control over the results of people’s actions is limited because of geographical distance or time zones. It is particularly suited to multicultural teams where there is a greater potential for reserve and mistrust.

TTI is an excellent diagnostic with which to introduce a team coaching session or workshops as it offers a strong insight into how well a team is working together. It is particularly valuable for an organisation going through a period of change, whether in the form of a company merger or when there is a change in leadership or within the team itself.

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