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Team Trust Indicator

The Team Trust Indicator (TTI).

In this area of the WorldWork shop, people with the necessary accreditation can buy credits for the Team Trust Indicator.  Credits bought here will then be available in your administration area – just click on the Member’s Login button at the top of the page to gain access to the administration area.  If you are running a project using the Team Trust Indicator and you would like WorldWork to handle all the TTI administration details on your behalf you can purchase this service on a per head basis.

If you are not yet accredited to use TTI, there are still some products you can buy and we would particularly recommend the Team Trust Game, which is useful for introducing people to the idea and importance of trust and getting them to understand the different criteria that people use when deciding whether to trust other people.

If you are not already licensed for the Team Trust Indicator, find out more about how to become licensed to use the TTI. 

Full details about the TTI can be found here

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