On the integration of ‘the locals’ towards ‘minority’ groups’ cultures

On the integration of ‘the locals’ towards ‘minority’ groups' cultures

Research tells us that in every society, minority group members (e.g., immigrants) can integrate towards majority group members or locals’ culture (e.g. White UK nationals). New work has demonstrated that locals can actually integrate towards minorities, too – and when they do, they seem to be more likely to experience benefits and fewer problems when it comes to overall prosperity, health and wellbeing.

So, what can intercultural practitioners and educators in the intercultural field do with this knowledge?

Find out in this episode where Seiji & Gabriela chat with Dr Katharina Lefringhausen whose research area is the acculturation of majority group-members towards minority cultures in a shared society (i.e., globalisation-based proximal-acculturation).

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