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Nigel Ewington


Nigel feels privileged as a co-founding director of WorldWork to have had the opportunity to turn his own interest and experience in managing cultural diversity to practical use through the creation of learning tools such as The International Profiler and A World of Difference.

He spent some formative years living and working outside the UK, in what for him were unfamiliar and challenging countries such as the Congo, Bulgaria and China. He learnt the hard way that to thrive and add value in a changing global context, one needs to constantly find the right balance between being oneself (the My Way of leadership) with the need to flex, accept and listen to others (the Your Way). At the heart of the tools that we have created in WorldWork this balance in skills is critical. Nigel believes that today change, complexity and the unknown await all of us working in a global context, without having to leave our own country or home context. He is excited that through WorldWork he can continue to design and develop a new generation of tools to help people navigate in these complex times.

Learn Chinese

Something you didn’t know about Nigel?

As well as all the international business travel he does, Nigel is actually suffering from ‘culture shock’ in his own home in Cambridge where his wife and kids speak Chinese together. His motivation to learn the language is partly driven by wondering if and when they’re speaking about him!