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The International Profiler (TIP™) is a strategically designed tool that focuses on creating individual self-awareness for people working in culturally diverse settings. It has been meticulously crafted to enable people to breach the cultural wall that so often hinders success when conducting business on an international level.

This well-established tool was a pioneer in the field of working effectively in unfamiliar cultural environments. The use of (TIP™) continues to grow and it is now used in a wide range of industries and intercultural contexts. As an agile tool, it has recently been updated to more effectively support people working in a VUCA world. Some online, culture-specific personal development components have been recently added as part of its evolution.

The product is supported by an international network of over 320 coaches, consultants and trainers, who are licensed to deliver feedbacks and coaching using the (TIP™) process.

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“What brings success is the ability to be more international in outlook. You can’t change what you are but you can start to think differently and be more aware of yourself…TIP…shows you the choices you might make to make a success of your role.”

Karen Donley, HR Director, MBDA

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Key Features

  • An online psychometric questionnaire and feedback process
  • Ideal for coaching settings
  • Enhances an individual’s ability to manage change effectively in unfamiliar contexts
  • Based on the International Competency Framework. This is derived from extensive multicultural research and applied experience of international managers
  • Measures an individual’s qualities in regards to 10 competencies, with 22 associated skills, based on different emphasis, attitudes and knowledge areas
  • Comprehensive Developmental Resources in the form of an online wiki for individuals and trainers
  • Development tips, ideas and resources available for China, the Gulf States, Scandinavia and the USA with others to follow
  • Licensing to use TIP approved by ICF (International Coach Federation) for 24 CCE credits

* WorldWork offer administration service to support delivery of tools for projects.

[Certification or a licensed consultant is required for optimal facilitation of the TIP]

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