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Geraldine Pace


Being southern European, from Malta, and having her work base in England for over 35 years has given Geraldine an interesting, cultural perspective on Europe as a continent!

Maybe that has something to do with why she has spent a large part of her working life in media and communications, mainly in the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Her role has nearly always concentrated around bringing people together in a learning and development context, mainly in coaching and training executives and their leaders in behavioural and management skills. Geraldine’s path crossed WorldWork’s about 12 years ago and she was excited about extending her experience to the building of international learning tools. She was given the opportunity to get involved in creating products that concentrate on the crucial nature of trust in business relationships. The International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI), digs deep into diagnosing and creating trust within teams and it has been a fascinating journey. And there is more …soon to come a leadership trust product with a 360 perspective


Something you didn’t know about Geraldine?

Geraldine went back-packing across Morocco on an expired visa!