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What is the secret to effective teams?

Posted on 24/5/2018 by Abby Beckley

Google researchers were tasked to find out the secret that made certain Google teams so much more effective than others. The project, which concentrated on over 180 teams, was ...

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8 reasons why you should be using The International Profiler (TIP®)

Posted on 18/4/2018 by Abby Beckley

When you originally heard about The International Profiler (TIP®) there must have been something about the tool that captured your interest and imagination... ...

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Trust in the News?

Posted on 18/1/2018 by Abby Beckley

Trust, this hard to grasp quality, so vital for inner harmony and for helping society function positively, has now assumed a crucial role in the international political landscape and in ...

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Construction workers

When it’s time to take the pulse of an international team

Posted on 27/9/2017 by toast

  “This is outrageous. Different people all proposing significant changes to the layout at this very late stage in the project – it’s nonsense. We agreed the Pressing Plant plan ...

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Could we save the NHS?

Could we save the NHS by applying cross-cultural competence?

Posted on 15/2/2017 by toast

Perhaps the NHS could do with some self awareness development? The news headlines tell us that the NHS is facing a stark financial situation; it urgently needs to save ...

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The Science of Trust

Posted on 20/1/2017 by Richard Lowe

To all our colleagues who are engaged in developing management behaviours:  Check out an article in Harvard Business Review January-February 2017 entitled The Neuroscience of Trust Everyone knows that ...

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Does trust impact team performance?

Posted on 13/1/2017 by Richard Lowe

"If you are interested in team performance, trust is worth your attention". The results of the study that Wendy Hirsch writes about in her blog chimes completely with our Team ...

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Leading Multinational Project Teams

Posted on 19/10/2016 by Richard Lowe

Leading a multinational project team is not easy!  For many people, the first time they need to work closely with partners from different cultures and backgrounds is when ...

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Trustworthy Leaders

Posted on 5/10/2016 by Richard Lowe

When your team doesn’t trust you, you don’t get their best effort. Great article by Heidi Grant Halvorson referencing trust criteria in the International Team Trust Indicator ...

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Trust England to Underachieve

Posted on 11/7/2016 by Richard Lowe

            We commissioned our summer intern Luis Buxton, who is studying French and Spanish at the University of Durham to give us a write up about ...

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