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world solutions – episode 2

Posted on 30/11/2018 by Abby Beckley

Welcome back! In our first blog, we talked about our personal motivations to work in the intercultural field.Current political, economic and media output from around the world show ...

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Could we save the NHS?

Could we save the NHS by applying cross-cultural competence?

Posted on 15/2/2017 by toast

Perhaps the NHS could do with some self awareness development? The news headlines tell us that the NHS is facing a stark financial situation; it urgently needs to save ...

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The Science of Trust

Posted on 20/1/2017 by Richard Lowe

To all our colleagues who are engaged in developing management behaviours: Check out an article in Harvard Business Review January-February 2017 entitled The Neuroscience of TrustEveryone knows that ...

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Posted on 18/4/2013 by Richard Lowe

Building Cross Cultural Competency in a Global Environment : First Training Programme Organised by WorldWork and its Chinese Business Partner ShangHai FESCOhttp://youtu....

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