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8 reasons why you should be using The International Profiler (TIP®)

Posted on 18/4/2018 by Abby Beckley

When you originally heard about The International Profiler (TIP®) there must have been something about the tool that captured your interest and imagination... ...

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Leading Multinational Project Teams

Posted on 19/10/2016 by Richard Lowe

Leading a multinational project team is not easy!  For many people, the first time they need to work closely with partners from different cultures and backgrounds is when ...

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A Portrait of Poise

Posted on 31/3/2016 by Richard Lowe

Meet Susanne Wolf...Susanne was brought up in a family of expats. She had to learn to fit in as she followed her parents round the world never stopping more ...

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WorldWork Open Evening: Is intercultural training obsolete?

Posted on 3/12/2015 by Richard Lowe

A big thank you to Cheryl from Greyson Marketing and everyone who was able to join us at our open evening to present the findings from research we commissioned at ...

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Competence as a Basis for Trust

Posted on 4/5/2012 by Richard Lowe

To trust other people we need to know that they are competent to do what we need them to do. For a leader this requires not only technical or professional ...

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Exposing Intentions

Posted on by Richard Lowe

Why are Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Moriarty so successful as villains?  Partly because they are intelligent and competent, but also because we can't work out what they will do next. ...

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